In August 2017, we opened our flagship store in London. It was designed by Sydney based architects Studio McQualter.

The space that was originally built as a Georgian terrace in circa 1750 has been converted to an office in the Victorian era. For our new store design, the false ceilings and walls has been stripped away to reveal the original Georgian details which required extensive restoration. Restoration was in contrast to additional modern skylights and cast concrete staircase.

The typical Georgian paint palette of sky blue and pea green is simplified and applied to the space for a modern fresh look. The design and layout reflects the optimisim of the brand, with a nod to the buildings history and location.

Furniture and decor of the store are either designed and custom made by Studio McQualter or sourced from several locations globally. Pictured below are the Bas Van Pelt Armchairs sourced from the Netherlands, Uchiwa Fan Ceiling pendant by Ingo Maurer from Germany, circular glass table designed by Italian designer Marco Zanuso. armchairs by Luigi Caccia Dominico and woolen rug designed by Studio McQualter.

Visit our new store at 23A Bruton Street, Mayfair, London.

Sketches are by Don McQualter from Studio McQualter, store photographs are by Ed Reeve.